Onshape CAD Resources

These are guides and Enginering notebooks from Westfield High School’s 3D Printing club and Robotics Team 10343. I hope you find these useful in your journey of learning CAD and 3D printing! It is an amazing hobby with infinite opportunity! If you are using this for your own 3D Printing club. I hope you best of luck in your endeavours!

All content is created by Hayato Ebihara, President of Westfield High School 3D printing club (WHS3D), (2023) and Team Captain of FTC team 10343: Positive Charge (2023). Special thanks to Mattia Butera and Cooper DelGandio, the founders of WHS3D and my inspiration and mentors into 3D printing. Extra thanks to Volodimir Koboroko, my mentor into robotics and predecessor in 10343.

WHS3D’s website can be found here.

This content is made open source and freely available through J-library. Please attribute content to their original authors. The content on this page is authored by Hayato Ebihara.

WHS3D’s lessons and guides can be found here.